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Fizzy Peachtree Ready-to-drink

4.5% (25cl)

Our favourite cocktail, the Fizzy Peachtree, is now available in a convenient can! The can contains a ready-to-drink fresh tasting cocktail made of Peachtree, sparkling water and lime juice. The light drink – at 4.5% ABV – comes in a 250 ml slimline can based on the iconic design of the Original Peachtree liqueur.

Aside from its perfect consistency, Fizzy Peachtree provides the convenience of not having to prepare the drink at home or to buy whole bottles. Enjoy the Fizzy Peachtree as a delicious summer drink to indulge with friends and family – on the go or at home. Available in The Netherlands at Albert Heijn, Jumbo and Dirck 3, and selectively at events, bars and in other countries.