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Peachtree, the world’s best-selling peach liqueur

Peachtree is the first liqueur that has the taste and smell of tree-ripe peaches, made following a well-balanced recipe and delicate distillation. The taste of Peachtree is perceived as sublime, with a well-rounded peach taste and characteristic lingering aftertaste.


Fizzy Peachtree is a modern drink that fits the fizzy trend as well as the lower ABV and calorie (skinny cocktails) trend. With only 93 calories per glass, it’s lower in calories than your regular beer or wine.

Sex on the Beach is a tropical drink which epitomizes the summer, the radiating sun, the sandy beach, and the swooshing, salty ocean on the skin. Because of the mellow fruitiness of the friendly ingredients (e.g., vodka and juices), this classic cocktail is easy-going.


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